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July 29, 2006



SOLD! I am going to Powell's today to sell some books (none from my WW list... they are all marked up and I love 'em!) but I will look for JM.

Packet Numero Uno, alllmost done.


Chris, did you go to Stan Yarbro's class on this story? It was amazing! Thanks for keeping an eye out for the book--I tried to order it, but there seems to be some kind of delay. I think it might be going out of print (!).

I am impressed with you and your packet one productivity! Mine is due in a week, and I have NO annotations done....and to think that I had such high hopes of getting all the annotations done in, like, the first few packets so I could ride easy the last half of the semester!

I am crazy.

Also, I love reading your site :) Such energy!

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