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November 23, 2006


Five stories, five fingers on each hand typing them. Makes cosmic sense to me, my friend. Hang in there. Ignore people who don't get it.

The vast majority of people in this country consume short stories via other media, than novels by far. Think of all the movies, television shows, and comic books that are viewed or read on a daily basis. All of those devices had to start with some form of a short story, be it a screen play, a script, or a storyboard. Heck, I even had someone call the bookstore today and ask if we had any books that were SHORTER than Little Women because she wanted to read a classic that wasn't nearly as long as Alcott's book. Silly to be sure, but she was focused on the shortness :)

...actually, i'm surprised short stories aren't taught more in high school programs. we are taught the great gatsby and one flew over the cuckoos nest, not only because they're great stories, but to also gain a better understanding of different times and places and societies. how much more could we cover if short stories were taught?...

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