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June 10, 2007


I am so glad to hear you say this. I've been defending Stephen King for years. I remember my editor at ZDS had a real problem with King. "He could sell a million copies of his grocery list." True, but if Stephen King publishes his laundry list at least I can count on a story with characters who talk like real people doing (or trying to do) things that real people do.

King isn't just a horror writer, by the way. His Dark Tower series is my favorite fantasy writing in decades. I wish he would work that hard on everything. I see that he's trying harder since he got run over.

I don't read everything he does anymore, but I still reread The Stand every other year. I think it's the best thing he ever wrote.

I understand that :"On Writing" was written partially before the accident that nearly killed him, and partly after it. According to The New York Times blurb in my copy, it "turned On Writing into a much stronger, more meaningful book than it might have been" because he "incorporated his revivifying return to work into this book's narrative in ways that will makre readers realize just how vital it has been for him."

How interesting that this more personal of his books unexpectedly became the pivot point in his writing life; I haven't read much of his post-accident writing, but I'm sure you're right in that it has transformed his approach to the work. How could it not?

I'll put The Stand on my rather intimidating To Be Read pile...thanks for the tip.

I'm having a hard time sitting on my
hands until "Anna with the famous last name" writes her books, please don't waste to much time. Life will get in the way if you give it half a chance.

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