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August 29, 2007


Latinos must be so happy to know that they no longer need to be better than anyone else to rise in society. Gonzales is a no-talent hack with only one virtue left: mindless loyalty to El Hefe. He has sacrificed all other virtues to retain this one. See, is America great? Anyone who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices can succeed.

I gotta wonder about his resignation, as well as the scads of other Bush administration folks who are bailing out. Did they Gonzales have a moral re-awakening, of the "I can't do this anymore" ilk? If so, why did he announce his quitting in a press conference--timed at under two minutes--that said it was a great honor to have this job, etc. etc. Was it for appearances only?

Or was the resignation a technicality--"I just don't feel like doing this anymore?" Or a savvy image-saving move: "Staying in this job is doing no good to my public image, and I better get out now before it gets worse?"

So many questions. And in his brief press conferences--timed at under two minutes--there were so few answers.

I am sorry that the first Hispanic to hold this office wasn't a more honorable groundbreaker.


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