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August 30, 2007


Welcome to the north, just on the wrong (other?)side of the lake.


Thanks! I actually grew up in Michigan (albeit on the opposite side of the state as Detroit), but I've been an ex-pat in Boston some three years now.

Maybe I can come to your side of the lake to pick up any prescriptions I might have ...

Have yourself a safe trip.


!! Cool! Are Congrats in order? What's the story? Can you tell us?


And here I was getting all excited thinking that there would be a fresh face in Michigan's Great Southwest.

BH ain't ghetto enough for you? :)

Well, I got a job as communications coordinator at a community redevelopment nonprofit--one that's interested in environmental sustainability and forging collaborations among the historically divided suburbs, and also with the city. That's a mission I can definitely get with. And I'm highly excited to move into Detroit proper...if it hasn't been apparent from this website, I've been following how art, urban farming and investments (not to mention sports) is slowly moving the city in a positive direction. I'm fascinated by the opportunity Detroit has--literally rebuilding itself. I want to be part of it.

So that's the word! I'm SW Michigan now, at my parents house, as a halfway point until I find a place to live and start my job. ... Here goes....

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