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October 02, 2007


Welcome back to the neighborhood, so to speak! You picked a great time too, just as our state seems ready to epxlode with the budget crisis, the auto-industry, and our abyssmal efforts to keep large tracts of land from falling into developers hands.

Now that you're here though, I expect all of that to change :) Let me know if you ever need anything, because the "fam" would love an excuse to come visit Detroit.

You'll totally have to check out the Heidelberg Project. Artist Tyree Guyton has turned an entire city block into a work of art. The project is on Heidelberg street and they have a website too.

In college I took an African Diaspora art class with a fabulous teacher named Jaqueline Francis. We actually took a field trip to the Heidelberg Project and got a tour by Tyree Guyton..and you're right on about it being a go-to place. When I was there, they were bringing schoolkids who lived on the street involved in the creation and re-creation of it all. The entire street (the WHOLE street) had polka-dots; he had recurring piece on taxi cabs that drew from Guyton's severe problems trying to hail a ride in NYC, a "doll house" that featured throw-away plastic dolls plastering an abandoned house that was kind of frightening (which he wanted it to be; he talked a lot about the HP reclaiming abandoned spaces that had turned into spaces where ugly things happened, like the abuse the muddy dolls represented) there was just more and more to see, both serious and playful.

It's always evolving, though, and I haven't been there since junior year. Perhaps I should invite the Rimes family for a weekend field trip? Let's go exploring!

(p.s. while I passed through SJ, I saw you got chalk the block props. yay you!)


you'll also have to take in a show at the State Theater. I haven't been there since I saw The Phantom of the Opera when I was 17, but it was the most beautiful theater. I hope they haven't done too much remodeling. The entrance way was always my favorite-like something you'd see in one of those romantic-comedy type movies where the girl is standing at the top of the staircase in the beautiful gown and the boy just realizes how pretty she really is. Yeah, something like that.
Enjoy your time in D-town!

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