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February 04, 2008


awesome film and good analysis, i typed "does carla jean die" to get here but i'm glad you cleared up a few other questions too. also glad i didn't miss some glaring clue as to whether she survived - i was expecting a gun shot as the still shot of the hose was on screen, or for him to clean his gun as he walked out or something, so maybe he did let her live? but yeh i think it's up to you to decide really, there is no definitve answer.

i was a little disappointed at the abrupt ending, but i guess it's nice sometimes for a film not to do the classic, drawn out "you know this film is winding down now because everything is being answered/goin back to normal and we're making it really obvious so you definitely get it" last 20 minutes. it kinda mirrored the whole semi-confused theme of the film i guess.

i also reckon his dreams were kinda meant to sum it up in a way, but can't really work out what they inferred, any ideas??

i thought mayb the first one was about him feeling like his father had given him someting, i.e. given him the priveledge to carry on the proud tradition of being a sheriff, but he had let him down by not catching this guy, not making the area clean of crime and corruption? just a stab in the dark really though.

the second one, really don't know! maybe the torch was like a torch that you pass on, like, to your son when you die? and maybe if he hadn't woken up he would have met his father and took on the torch himself, for his own son? but the sheriff didn't have any children, did he? oh i don't know!

what do u think?!

Sounds like this movie simmered in you like it did in me! You've got an interesting read on it, and interesting questions. Personally, I think the movie was all about the not-knowing, the experience a person (like Tommy Lee Jones' character) has when they get no catharsis, when they feel like they are on the brink of understanding what's happening (in life and in dreams), but don't quite get there.

And more than just TELLING us a story about that, us audience members experience it directly, by having all our expectations thwarted--we EXPECT to know if carla jean was killed, we EXPECT there to be a confrontation between the villan and the hero, we EXPECT an ending that gives us a traditional "conclusion" that ties up the loose ends. We expect these things because we've seen movies before, and that's how movies go. Not this one. We get close, but--like Ed Tom, like the "old men" of the title--we don't quite get there. That's the heart of the story, more than the father/son relationship, or the crime story, or love stories.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts especially about the dream--it makes me want to see it again because there's a lot i've forgotten.

thanks for the reply.

i'm really intrugued as to what you think the dreams meant! i mean, surely the makers of the film wrote them like this for a reason, they must mean something right? I can't imagine they would just do it randomly, without them having some symbolic meaning?

also, have u got any other similar films that you would recommend? i absolutely love these sort of movies, they're so far from the crap that comes out of hollywood. i'm working my way through the cohen brothers and stanley kubrick atm (well what i can find online anyway!) - who are your favourite directors?

Actually, my interpretation is that Carla Jean did die. When Chigurh leaves the house, he looks at his shoes, much like he does at the hotel after he kills Carson Wells to make sure there is no blood on them. It fits in the with the shoes theme you mentioned as well.

I know I'm a little behind on this film. But last year was a busy one for me and I just saw it.

Like Jude, I typed "does carla jean die" to get get here.

Chigurh is a great character. Like most people, I assume I can out-clever and out-rationalize any would be assassin.

But not Chigurh. As Carson Wells puts it so delicately "He has integrity". Even after Llewlyn is dead, he still tracks down Carla Jean. Not because he has to. No one really asked him to. But because he "gave his word" to Llewlyn that he would.

How do you reason with that?!?!


What's the difference in the theme in the film than in the novel? Please respond I need this

You don't understand the meaning behind this novel at all and should refrain from writing editorials on movie adaptations.

@You suck

You suck.

Read the book and it tells you carla jean dies

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