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April 28, 2008


That blows! They're the one paper I've had something published in - a) a review of Brady Udall's The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint (which you'd love), and b) an article about Anthony Doerr, sort of an interview/review mix when he was coming to Madison to read from The Shell Collector. It was always a great place to wander over to online Fridays to see what they were reviewing and/or talking about.

Oh, I like Anthony Doerr! Never read Udall, though ... and, hey, on the bright side, you can still wander over there online on Fridays. But the locals won't have the delight of the solid print thing anymore. And it's sad to hear of newspapers struggling and making these hard choices ...

At first day meeting everyone (I fib a little) was weeping and gnashing teeth with the thought of no more Capital Times in print form.

With any luck life will go on.


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