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July 16, 2008


You can borrow my Tin House issues when I'm done with them, if you remind me!

Thank you. That lead me to subscribing to Brick. Right up my street. Anthony

Solid selection!

Matt, I heartily accept your generous offer! Fear not, I am a very good reminder.

And Anthony, I'm glad to hear your a Brick subscriber. I hope you'll tell me all that I'm missing in that great mag!

Dan, if you have some favorites that should be on my shortlist next time, do share. What do you subscribe to?

I am in one of those odd positions where I have complimentary subscriptions from some journals - One Story is one of those - I subscribed for two years but was semi-responsible for many, many new subscribers for them and they offered to comp. me - something which I rarely refuse.

Kenyon Review, St. Petersburg Review, Mid-American Review, Other Voices until it ended, Redivider, Ecotone, Salt Flats Annual, Unsaid, Keyhole, have all been kind enough to keep me loaded with reading material.

I tend to spend more, and do so through bookstores, than I should - needing to subscribe to journals like Indiana Review, Post Road, Ontario Review (sadly no longer), Noon, Pinch, Ninth Letter, and some others whenever I can find them.

I do look for Black Warrior Review, Sleepingfish, and others I'm blanking out on when at AWP.

All that said, I think Quick Fiction is the only one I'm actually paying to subscribe to at the moment.

I knew as soon as I hit send I'd remember some of those nice enough to send me copies:

Phoebe, Upstreet, Cream City Review, American Short Fiction.

And a long time ago, I gave both Aaron Burch and Dwayne Hayes a little bit of cash and ever since they've made sure I had copies of Hobart and Absinthe: New European Writing.

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