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September 04, 2008


I have actually just finished reading an article that appeared in the Sunday Times about Kilpatrick and Detroit's problem. It's a shame that people in the UK seem to associate Detroit with either guns and violence, or a corrupt leader. I hope the city can try to move forward now, and create a more positive image of Detroit globally.

I think that IS a really sad thing: it overshadows the best stories about Detroit. Folks shouldn't judge Detroit by the character of Kilpatrick anymore than they should judge the U.S. by the character of George W. Bush: that's far too simple!

I think it's on us to do the job of telling the other stories about Detroit: the great people here, the creativity and DIY-ethic that makes me like it so much.

Another weird thing: even as folks seem to disparage Detroit for the perception of it as violent and corrupt, a kind of admiration emerges from it. Street cred. "Authenticity." People think you're a badass if you simply have a Detroit address.

Do you think its just UK media that puts out this perception, or do real folks really believe it, re-tell it to each other, etc?

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