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October 30, 2008


Right on. The symbolism alone is seriously important - changing our idea (and young black Americans' ideas) of what a leader looks like.

But even besides that, he has shown much more wisdom than John McCain, who is 25 years older.

Sadly, McCain will be cast as the villain in the future story of "the first black president." It's his fault, he threw away 71 years worth of integrity for three months of pandering to white America's worst instincts.

Hi, I somehow stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say nice post. It sounds like you have an independent streak and I hope you keep that going. I appreciate what the symbolism of an Obama presidency could do for all races in America. Obama is a talented orator and has shown great capacity for leadership. He seems like he would be a excellent statesman too. My only trouble is that I believe in different principles than Obama. I have not been the biggest fan of McCain, but I plan to vote for him based on my principles. This Saturday I may even volunteer at his office. I guess I'm not saying this to be against what you are saying, but that I respect the enthusiasm and look forward to moving forward when this is over.

All we can do is follow our consciences & principles. I hope everyone does that, even (especially?) if it leads them to disagree.

It sounds like a simple thing, but it's really easy to confuse our conscience with our fears and worst instincts.

Obama 08.

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