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November 09, 2008


No you are definetly not the only one in love! I've never been one to have celebrity crushes but if I could find one I'd hang a poster of her in my bedroom ;) She's a breath of fresh air in the political pundit world and is the perfect middle point between jon stewart and larry king, not to mention she's way cuter.

Sometimes, I turn the mute button off for Rachel Maddow.

Nice comparison, Dinah--I'm always up for Jon Stewart, and I've often enjoyed Larry King, but thank god we now have such an awesome person in the middle of that spectrum. And I agree: way, way cuter.

And Joey, unmuted Maddow is totally the way to go!

meh, t.v. politics is all a little bit too predictable in my book to keep "Mudo" off the screen for too long, but at the very least, every so often I can hear connections between stuff that's not politics and politics, and the more of that out there, the better.

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