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February 17, 2009


I wish I had an answer. I love to browse in bookstores, though at the moment I have little time to read, let alone browse for new books! I like the idea of a diversified store, one which provides a service one cannot get from the likes of amazon - that is a local community focused place. If there is a student community in the area this is entirely possible (I remember having lots of time as a student to read and discuss) Making the sale of books an almost secondary aspect; people come to the store for knowledge and interaction, and leave with a book or two to further explore what they learned. There is no substitute for discussing an idea with someone and then immediately being able to access more information on the subject. This is something the internet does well. I can read one thing and immediately search out more on the subject. The thing I find lacking is that aspect of conversation you would get with people in the flesh. If amazon can sell books cheaper than any bookstore, the bookstores need to provide those things amazon cannot. sometimes you don't want to go online, search for the book you want and then wait days or weeks until it arrives on your doorstep. I am a photographer and even though I can often find photobooks online cheaper than in the stores, if I go to an exhibition which I enjoy, I often want to purchase a book by the photographer right there and then so I can look at it while the experience is fresh in my mind. I think the internet has forced us to reexamine the consumer/retailer relationship in many ways. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can not only stay in business but thrive in the future.

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