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February 28, 2009


Madoff will burn in hell and share a prison cell in hell with Adolf Hitler. He stole life savings from widows, charity foundations and many others. What a shame. He disgraced his whole family and his family name for many centuries. He needs to be in a prison right now and not in his luxury apartment.

What a terribly sad day for all those people who have had thier trust betrayed by Bernie Maddoff and others like him.

I semd out my most sincere blessings for all of us who have been taken advantage of by these thieves.I pray for peace and happiness for all of us. I ask
G-D to deal with the criminals and let them understand the real pain they caused.

That is so hilarious thath the "never again" guy lost his fortune to a JEW who swindled him out of every penny! I was forced to read his tripe in college and only after I witnessed the horrors unfold in Rawanda and especially in the Balkans that I finally understood what he meant: "Never again - to Jews!" Everyone else could go f* themselves in his view. Not one single word from this supposed moral giant about all the people killed since say oh I don't know... 1944? HAH! Whatever you worship you will lose, especially if it is money that you worship!

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