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March 10, 2009


The church has the right and responsibility to do what they know is right. It is absurd to think that this doctor shouldn't have to answer to his church for what he has done - he has chosen his job over the church, so why is he so upset now?

Abortion is described by the few women I've met who will talk about it (because you see no matter what the circumstances women feel horribly ashamed of their abortions) - all describe their abortions as feeling like they were raped. Women who have been raped describe the abortion as a second rape.

So besides the fact that abortion does kill a human life. Do you want be involved in raping this poor child again? Because no matter how much you all say you want to "help" this girl, raping her again is what you are doing.

As far as the stepfather not being excommunicated, I wonder what Planned Parenthood of Indiana has to say about the fact that they refused to report alleged cases of molestation of a 13 year old by a 30 something year old man. They did not report these allegations despite the law of Indiana so unless you are going to criticize the patron saint of Abortion in America, your favorite and mine, Planned Parenthood, then you really have no grounds to criticize the church which does not receive public funds - like Planned Parenthood does.

I see you're reading a book about the battle for "control of women's bodies". So I suppose allowing a man who has raped a child to murder the resulting child and hide his crimes is an example of a woman controlling her own body rather than (a child) or a man who has committed a crime erasing the evidence?

There have been many such cases exposed which suggest thousands more per year. Yes, let's teach our daughters that they control their bodies, thereby allowing abusive men to control them. This is far less barbaric than say... marriage.


Looks like Clint has an issue. I was raised in the Catholic Church and also feel it offers many things. Equal rights for women is not one of those things and it truly keeps me from "going back to the church." I have principles, too. My grandmother died from a botched abortion when it was illegal. So in spite of everybody in the Pro Life Movement knowing what is good for everyone else, they will never, ever stop abortion. I completely agree with what this doctor did. And the man who is responsible for impregnating this girl should be in prison for a long, long time. Clint, your sampling of women who talk about abortion like it's a second rape are in the minority. And btw, I've never had an abortion.

I don't know if I believe that your grandmother died of a botched abortion but for every grown woman who died via botched abortions, there have been as many or more who have been documented as dying from botched legal abortions.

Have a look at the book Lime5 by Marc Crutcher it documents many women killed from botched abortions and includes the references so each death can be looked up in official coroners reports etc.

Also, in each "successful" abortion at least half the patients don't make it out alive.

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