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March 07, 2009


Re: "isn't it weird that of the 30 titles on the debut lists, not one of the 42 credited authors is female? How did that happen?"

short version: because none of those authors actually ARE female.

long version: we're not going to see "progress" in the author demographic until they actually happen. maybe i'm misunderstanding you, but your question sounds like some version of "why aren't non-men writing top 10 graphic books?" or perhaps "why aren't there more non-men getting graphic books published/bought?" (they're mainly indie/web/etc, that's my opinion.)

-Here's a Question:

Why does "Manga" get it's own list?
(aside from the almighty $$, or maybe: why does Manga draw $$?)

If we're crying foul about the legitimacy of works that even *include* a Silk Spectre or a Wonder Woman, what of Manga?

...and from the there into a wonderful examination of cultural relativism (they exploit each other sexually in different ways so it's okay!) and the role of personal preference in the economy (that's got the images of reality i want to be real reality, so i'm spending my money on it)...

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