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April 15, 2009


I think this is being totally blown out of proportion. Amazon shouldn't be blamed for the coordinated efforts of homophobes who sought out to take advantage of a weakness in Amazon's set-up. Nobody likes to get hysterical over perceived injustices like liberals do.

Sure enough, but I think the trouble is this:

1: Nobody is sure whether the responsibility lies with outside hackers or with Amazon themselves. Evidence for it being Amazon's responsibility includes emails they sent to inquiring authors (before the whole thing blew up) that tells them specifically that their books were moved to the "Adult" catagorization, etc. Though, as Zandt says, evidence for it being outsiders includes that it was done over the weekend.

2) No matter what happened--whether Amazon's responsible for being seriously fucked-up or for merely having a vulnerable database--they've yet to offer an apology or any kind of explanation beyond the 'glitch' thing. This seems insensitive at best to authors and readers everywhere.

never underestimate the power of incompetence, especially in media relations.

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