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June 01, 2009


You got me thinking about the history of my beloved Hardy Boys, so I went to trusty ol' Wikipedia and found this quote from Leslie McFarlane, the original Hardy Boys ghost writer: "I had my own thoughts about teaching youngsters that obedience to authority is somehow sacred.... Would civilization crumble if kids got the notion that the people who ran the world were sometimes stupid, occasionally wrong and even corrupt at times?" Pretty cool, huh?

I wonder if the lincoln school library still has your Tanya Martin series that you so generously loaned them. You were seriously cute as a kid. :)

Henry, that's some sweet news about those radical Hardy Boys! I love that was the start of it. You know, I've never read a Hardy Boys book--not even the "special editions" when they teamed up with Nancy and crew. I need to get myself to the library!

And Elizabeth, what are you talking about. You rescued those book from the Lincoln library because you were dating the librarian's son, and you gave them to me on my 20th birthday. They are sitting on my shelf right now. And they are AWESOME.

Know what the Secret of the Satin Gown is? Give up? The stitching in it was in Morse Code--detailing a cry for help from the Los Angeles mayor who sewed it and wore it at a city ball. Tanya deciphered it after the mayor was kidnapped.

Yup. Thanks, Carolyn Keene, for everything.

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