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July 08, 2009


First thought--Justice O'Connor created an aerobics class for women at the Court because the men play basketball on the b-ball court on the roof. They joke that it is the highest court in the land (yes, lawyers are nerds), and O'Connor made her law clerks join her every morning for aerobics. Thus, it is no surprise to me that Justice Ginsburg stays fit. :)

Second thought (not in article)--I love that she and Scalia are so close. They are best friends. It just goes to show that even where people have HUGE ideological differences, they can still be friends.

Final thought--she is amazing, though not nearly as much fun as Justice O'Connor (with whom I had lunch once).

Thanks for posting this. I would have missed it otherwise!

What?! Lunch with O'Connor? Do tell more!

Also: I love what you say about Ginsburg and Scalia being best friends. Here, here.

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