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August 29, 2009


Excellent reading list, which reminds me to ask you, do you have any suggestions on a good book club book about Darfur (either fiction or nonfiction, maybe memoir...)? Kinda off-topic, but hey.

Here, here, Anna. NOLA is an amazing and vital place and is still in need of support. I visited in April and the devastation is still clear and present in neighborhoods like New Orleans East and the Lower Ninth. There's an amazing video "New Orleans for Sale" discussing the co-opting of crisis for material gains. (On my blog) We should convo about this.

I haven't actually ever read any books on Darfur, but I did some investigating for the best titles on it ...

--What is the What, by Dave Eggers (A novelized autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng, a Sudanese refugee. This one's been sitting on my shelf, unread, for far too long).

--Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur & Beyond, by Don Cheadle

--War in Darfur and the Search for Peace, Edited by Alex de Waal

--Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survivial, by multiple authors

--Tears of Survival: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur, by Halima Bashir

--The Translator, by Daoud Hari

Good luck! I hope you'll share other recommendations you hear, especially the ones you end up loving best.

Oh, KL, let's talk, let's talk. And I'm so glad to hear about your trip (though sad to hear about what you saw).

I'd love to see this video you mentioned. Can you post a link to it? I scoped around on your website, but had trouble finding it. Maybe I'm just a dunderhead ...

Here it is, Anna!


Let's chat soon!

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