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September 28, 2009


Hey Anna,

Interesting choices. Not sure if you have ever looked into "Theology of the Body," by JPII? Granted the book does support many of the Catholic church's teachings, but it is also surprising. I am in the middle of it and cannot believe how well it encompasses not the physical, but emotional and spiritual side of sex. I think anyone who wants to get a large view of sex, and better understand a more traditional view should definitely read it. :)

Thanks for the tip, Beth! I appreciate it. It's funny, what I learned most from this piece is how many books I haven't read ....

And glad to hear you're enjoying the book!

Yeah it is enjoyable--but very, very philosophical/theological. I was reminded of some RC SSci classes when I read it. You need to digest it in little pieces.

There are also a lot of "companion books" to the TOB review, but I don't like most of them as they are really conservative, hell & fire type of books about sex, that totally dilute what JPII says (which is basically, sex is good and sex is complicated... heh...).

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