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September 28, 2009


Hi Anna:

If you think of Anne Frank as though see would have been the daughter of John Gotti and Hitler was attempting to clear Germany of organized crime then that situation might be easier for you to understand.

With many million of participants in organized crime in Germany [including the Frank family] there would obviously be many casualty during any battle against organized crime. Either the battle would have been fought or the territory would have been conceded to organized crime.

How would you have proposed arresting and detaining millions of participants in organized crime? People who would pollute with drugs what you would buy at the market because they were following the orders of their leaders of organized crime.

Even the family of member of La Cosa Nostra [one of entity of Italian organized crime] claims their relatives to be just businessmen. Do you believe that John Gotti was just a businessman? The Frank family was not just businessmen.


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