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June 03, 2010


Agreed on Kelly Link. I STILL haven't read anything by Wells Towers, and, in general, I haven't read enough from all of these authors to make any aesthetic assumptions. Still, whenever a peer tells me they haven't read Kelly Link I view it as almost a fatal lapse. I have a few others, too. Can you believe some of my fiction-writing friends have never read Whitman?! Tragic. I think that way about Miranda July's latest collection, too. And Latin American writers, in general. Many of my writing friends have never even cracked open anything by Garcia Marquez or Julio Cortazar or Isabelle Allende. Terrible! What does this have to do with your post about the list? Not sure.

I haven't read anything by Wells Tower either. Or several other writers on the list. Who is Salvatore Scibona?? I don't know. Yet.

Come to think of it, Miranda July would've been an interesting addition to the list too. Certainly talented. Why wasn't she there??

I think you're fiction-writing friends should be glad to have their pal (you) push Whitman on them. It makes me sad that he gets reduced to a few occasional quotes/excerpts. And the Latin American writers too. The fact that Julio Cortezar isn't better known, especially among writers, amazes me. Amazing.

Sheepish admission: I've never read a full Allende book either. Terrible!

Hi Kelly, I enjoyed your post. If you're interested in any reviews from the "20 Under 40" selection, check out this link: http://digitaldunes.blogspot.com/search/label/20%20under%2040.

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