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July 30, 2010


Wow Anna thanks for bringing this to our attention. One small point, Lake Huron is actually the second largest. The Georgian Bay itself is larger than the whole of Lake Erie. Reference: The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis.

Thanks Andy! At your cue, I looked up the lake sizes, and it appears that both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron can claim to be the second largest -- depending on what metric we use. Lake Huron has a surface area of 23,010 sq mi, compared to L. Michigan's 22,400 sq mi. But in terms of water volume, L. Michigan has 1,180 cu mi, compared to L. Huron's 849 cu mi. Fun! Good to learn --- thanks for the tip.

I drove by the Spill in Kalamazoo a week after it happened and it was quite stunning. I have fished this river many times and it will never be the same. The run/bend that I viewed was black and the surrounding riverbed was also tarnished. I heard statistics saying that only 168 fish died from the spill. No WAY! I truly don't believe and its not just the fish that died anyway. What about fish that were spawning and helping the population grow? What about the habitat that will no longer sustain spawning or life for that matter? Something needs to be done so the oil companies don't ruin our most important resources.

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