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November 30, 2010


One very crucial fact has been left out of this article. It's naive not to mention that the publishing industry has been held hostage by several gatekeepers for decades. THESE select publishers have been the sole decision makers of what gets published and what does not. But their business model was a mess, and as a result, we're now seeing their downfall, which includes watching many of the award-winning novels come out of small presses–presses more concerned with great writing than blockbuster hits. While Amazon may have its faults (sadly its effect on independent booksellers for one) one can't deny that Amazon is taking chances on authors who have otherwise been overlooked by the gatekeepers, opening up opportunities for both new and very established writers to self publish and have more control over their own work. Regardless of one's feelings about Kindles in general, more people are reading novels than ever before. And as far as lower prices for e-books–not only will this allow more books to be sold and therefore benefit the author (as well as all the readers who will have the opportunity to read said books), lower price points are fair considering the product itself. There is no manufacturing involved. No distribution, no overhead for all the middlemen. There's sound reason for a real book to be priced as it is. There is also sound reasoning behind pricing e-books at a lower rate.

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