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April 03, 2011


2 things:
1. I love that Red Mars was one of the biggest searches to bring traffic to the site. Might not always be the right traffic, but the mixing of interests makes me happy.

2. I would not be certain that the comment about writing what you want to comes from your mother. Well, you say you're 100% certain, so what do I know, but the comment seems to me to merit consideration beyond the possible maternal platitude.

I'm fairly sure "not set" has to be stillwater,OK. I've created more than one fan down here.

Congratulations on five years of fabulousness.

Jacob: 1. I know, right?! I was surprised, but I love it too. Makes me want to return the love by finally getting around to reviewing Green Mars and Blue Mars... 2. It's more the syntax and typing flourishes that convinced me that this respondent was my mom. But it's true that I need to be cautious about letting that fact overshadow the content. Hmm...

Ben: Ha! That's great. I'm puffed and proud to have a Stillwater base!

Peg: Thank you so much!

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