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July 11, 2012


It's alarming to hear you consider The Daily Collegian to be "all over the aftermath of the Sandusky abuse story" at Penn State. They may be all over that aftermath, but they blew the story in the foremath, blew it so badly and in decades-long slow-motion, blew such an enormous story so badly that I can only conclude that they are a contemptible example of the very same "culture" (a terrible word) that got top billing in the Freeh report that came out this week.

At least a dozen rumors and complaints circulated in State College before the Sandusky story actually came into the open--rumors potent enough to get Sandusky retired, warned, and discussed at all levels. Yet the administrative/athletic department stonewall held. All that time--12 years!--the DC enthusiastically covered Penn State football and never published a peep. Why is that? How could that be? Easy answer: if they didn't get the story, they were incompetent even for college journalists. If they held the story they should be ashamed, deeply ashamed. Taken in purely journalistic terms, without the dimension of culpability for the worst kind of abuse, the most unrepentant behavior, the most sordid and disgusting cover-up--just in journalistic terms--how could you miss it? How could you pass on it? How could you fail like that? It's appalling. It's a terrible failure, and I will continue to use it with my high school students--who would not have hesitated one minute to run down rumors of misbehavior on the staff of one of our championship football teams.

The DC is off my list of top college newspapers. No way.


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