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September 01, 2012


Where are the James Patterson books?

I always admire how much you read and it inspires me to read all the time. Your blog is a go-to for new recs!

Oh gosh, I could sing a lot longer for so many other books yet unread. I brim with embarrassing gaps!

Don Quixote
Absalom, Absalom
The Tempest
Everything by Alexandre Dumas
Mansfield Park
Everything by Jules Verne (this, despite my 18 months dedicated to reading classic monster/adventure books)
Oliver Twist
Leaves of Grass
The Martian Chronicles
Faranheit 451
The Watchmen
Neil Gaiman's The Sandman
Dead Souls
Jane Eyre
Paradise Lost
The Trial
Most of Henry James
The Souls of Black Folk
Everything by Thomas Pynchon
Everything by Don Delillo
Everything by Philip Roth (but, whatever)
Everything by Graham Greene
Everything by Willa Cather
Everything by EM Forester
Everything by Saul Bellow
Everything, minus one, by William Styron

I don't know if James Patterson will make the final cut.

You could zip through Is That A Fish in Your Ear pretty quickly. I was a little disappointed in it overall. But there are 3-4 really good essays (chapters?) in it.


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