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November 12, 2012


Just finished "Say Nice Things About Detroit" by Scott Lasser. Have you read it? I'm curious what you think, and/or if there's been any buzz over there about it.

Yeah, I had the chance to interview him about that for the Free Press, but there wasn't space there to detail my thinking on it.

The short story is that I think the novel has a lot of good observation and storytelling sense, and I found the author to be thoughtful and honest. The novel wasn't really my taste, though: I found it thin and heavyhanded. An odd detachment percolates. Some of this isn't Lasser's fault: the conventions of its genre just don't appeal to me, but I think many other people will like it a lot.

It did get some buzz:






What do you think, Amy?

The illiteracy thing may have been a rumor, invented around the war on drugs, or at least before hip-hop in the 1980s.

The historical peak for fires in Detroit, where there were still fires the last time I checked, was around 1990.

Thanks as always, Ms Isak

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